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Find Out How Non-Decorators Are Transforming Drab To Elegant, And Shocking Their Friends & Family With A Beautiful Home Decorating Makeover!

" friends are both shocked and impressed..."

I am not a creative type. I struggle just picking out curtains! But this looked so easy, I decided to give it a shot. You wouldn't believe the difference! In fact, my friends are both shocked and impressed at how beautiful my home is and how simple it was to do! Everyone who walks through my door gives HIGH compliments on how it transformed my home... Thank You!!

Lynn T
McMinnville, TN


Subject: Fun & Easy Faux Finish Decorating

Dear Fellow Decorator-at-Heart,

Are you looking for a unique way to decorate your do SOMEthing to make it look & feel better than it does right now? Something you can do by yourself that is easy and affordable?

Do you have problem surface areas that need mending or cosmetic enhancement (i.e. outdated wallcovering, wall paneling, cracked plaster, stained counter tops, etc.)? Would you like to add tremendous value to your home without it costing a fortune?

Do you like the various faux finishing effects that are popular today? Would you like to know how to achieve professional results as seen in decorating and interior design magazines without ever opening a can of paint?

My name is Carrie and I am not a professional decorator. I don't do interior design for a living and I'm not a personal fan of painting or wallpapering.

So why am I qualified to talk to you about faux finishing and improving your home's value?

My husband has over fifteen years experience as a remodeling contractor. He has personally remodelled our own homes over the past seven years.

We run a wallpaper business together and have seen our share of what's currently available in the home decorating industry. When we were introduced to PaperIllusion™, a very different kind of wallpaper a few years ago, we knew we found a winner of a product. Here's why...

Benefits of PaperIllusion™

The Easiest Wallpaper to Apply, Maintain, Repair & Remove

More Durable & Longer Lasting Than Paint

Stunning Results - Beautifully Painted Paper

Super-Fast Application - No need to measure or cut pieces

Convenient - Able to Stop & Go During Application

No Toxic Fumes - Safe to Handle

Perfect for Covering Paneling & Cracked Plaster

Adds Tremendous Value to the Home

Anyone Can Do It - No Experience Necessary

Affordable Option - When Considering Alternatives

When I looked online to see what I could find out about this unique product, with the exception of a few simple instructions and the same three pictures, there was virtually nothing of substance to go on. Here's what I found...

The Easy Way to Faux Finish...Just 3 Simple Steps!

Tear Paper Illusions Faux Paint Finish Wallpaper into Pieces Dip Paper Illusions Faux Paint Finish Wallpaper into Water Apply Paper Illusions Faux Paint Finish Wallpaper to Clean, Flat Surface

Huh? I don't get it...surely there's more information on this than that. NOPE! That was about it.

Since I could not find much more about this product online, and I already knew this product had a bunch of benefits, I thought I would create a website myself dedicated to discussing this very unique (& under-marketed) product. Thus began Paper It Fun!, a free resource network for discovering all that can be done with PaperIllusion™.

Two and a half years later, Paper It Fun! has grown into a thousand member strong community and has become the home of the largest photo gallery of PaperIllusion™ projects and the only active Discussion Forum and Blog on the subject.

Through my personal experience as well as those who have joined the Paper It Fun! community over the years, I have put together this comprehensive guide answering all the questions that have been asked about this product and laying out specifically step by step, from start to finish what is needed to transform your home with this product.

The Paper Illusions Guide
Your How To PaperIllusion™ Manual

Save yourself oodles of time and energy by grabbing this 29-page Illustrated Resource, The Paper Illusions Guide today. You'll learn all there is to know about this super-easy decorating secret and discover how you can easily have a home that causes jaws to drop in amazement, too.

Select From Two Choices of Delivery

Immediate Download

Only $4.95
- OR - Printed Version
plus Immediate Download
Only $7.95

I've taken special care to create this well-written, high-quality, easy to follow book for you. It has been edited several times to weed out unnecessary information, typos and awkward wording. This is by far the most comprehensive manual on PaperIllusion™ available anywhere, and I am confident you will be pleased with all that it has to offer.

When your friends and family realize that you decorated your home with PaperIllusion™ as laid out in this ebook all by yourself, you will be bursting with pride and feel a great sense of accomplishment. 

Don't waste anymore of your precious time looking for more decorating ideas and then using your time and energy trying to figure out how to make it work for you. Download The Paper Illusions Guide Right Now and Get Started decorating immediately.

Lets Have Fun Papering It!

P.S. You have nothing to lose and a beautiful home to gain! I am committed to helping you learn and achieve amazing results in your home quickly and stress-free. Let me help you.

Get it Now and Have Fun Papering It!

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